Birders are always looking for new and exciting destinations to continue with their birding adventures. Far off and usual destinations usually provide the most scope when it comes to birding. Such a country is Chile. With the Chile birding tour, there is the opportunity to customize the trip to get in exactly what you want out of it. If time is of concern to you and you want to maximize your exposure to birds to a short span of time, then this can be done within 5 days. This period will yield you with a great number of birding species, including some of the famed endemic species which can only be found within certain areas of the country. This trip is limited to just the central part of Chile. Birders will usually go the whole nine yards when prepping for their birding adventure. Since you would likely make just one trip per country, in hopes of seeing many others as well, it would likely be a long time until you get a chance to come back to Chile, if ever.


This is why majority opt for the full package Chile birding tour. This is done over 2 weeks. Choose a travel company which limits group numbers to around 6 people per Chile birding tour. This way, you would get the most out of the trip. The first would be by getting in an ample amount of time with the birding tour guide. They are experts in both Chile and birding so having direct access to them is crucial. The fewer people in the group, the more time you would have with them. Chile has close to a thousand birding species from the famed black checker buzzard eagle to the Andean swan. It is impossible to be able to see all of them unless you plan on moving to the country for a year or so. During the Chile birding tour, you would have an opportunity to put forth your list of birding species that you most want to encounter.

This will be added to a list which will be used as the guide during the trip. The Chile birding tour is also excellent if you are just beginning your birding adventures worldwide. The thing about birding is, is that once you have exhausted your local area, you have to travel further out. There is no better excuse for travel. With the Chile birding tour, there is the opportunity to go out into truly conserved areas but still be within close range to modern creature comforts. There will be no going for the bare basics on this birding trip. By booking into the Chile birding tour, there would be no need for you to concern yourself with any of the arrangements of securing these accommodation bases or the transport that will be needed on the trip. The idea behind a Chile birding tour package is that this will all be undertaken by the travel company. They combine all of the elements needed of such a holiday and then offer it to birding enthusiasts to be enjoyed as a no fuss trip.